Ouch: Denture Stomatitis

Lots of false teeth wearers know about it: stomatitis.

Stomatitis - "denture sore mouth" - is the most common symptom of yeast invasion, where tiny blisters develop on the gums. Other signs are patchy white spots in the mouth, a burning sensation, or a persistent unpleasant salty taste.

It's not all your fault. Your denture has something to do with it.

Prosthodontics with soft liners or those relined with a non-pressure process can harbor troublesome yeasts. On the other hand, pressure-processed dentures (the bubbles are pressed out under heat) are less porous and therefore less friendly to Candida infection.

Two brand-name processes that resist Candida are Ivoclar acrylic and Astron vinyl. If you have recurring denture stomatitis, ask your prosthodontist about one of these processes at your next reline.

Beat the yeast

If you're not due for new false teeth or a reline, you can take measures to control the growth of Candida at home. Cleaning dentures using the following recipe will help: Soak your dentures for two hours, four times a week in equal parts bleach, dish detergent and water. Follow this by a one-hour soak in half vinegar/half water.

This brew seems to work, but some false teeth materials can lose color - and any denture with metal parts other than gold will suffer.

Even better...The Journal of the American Dental Association recommends using a denture care solution containing benzoic acid that looks effective in killing yeasts with no damage to the prosthodontics. Commercially it's called Oral Safe (Great Lakes Ortho Laboratories, Tonawanda, NY), available through your dentist. There are remedies to "denture sore mouth." Because denture problems are a pain you just don't have to live with.

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